MSc in E-Commerce Technology (Before 2013/2014)

MSc in E-Commerce Technology (Before 2013/2014)


The Faculty of Science and Technology offers a program of study leading to the degree of Master of Science in E-Commerce Technology. As the rapid growth of Internet and the Web technology, the on-line business is no longer a prediction but a reality. The program is offered to meet the growing demand on the new type of talents in designing and implementing information systems conducting business electronically. The program is designed to prepare students with strong background in e-commerce enabling technologies and fundamental management knowledge for electronic commerce. The graduates are expect to be able to analyze, design, develop and manage the Internet based information systems.

Research opportunities exist for graduate students in the following ongoing projects and in other areas: Internet information systems modeling and design, Internet based e-commerce application systems, computer networks infrastructure for e-commerce, distributed databases management, Internet and e-commerce security, data mining and data warehouse, intelligent agent systems, graphics and multimedia systems, and distributed processing.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university, an applicant should have a Bachelor degree in the following fields with average grade of C+ or better :
  1. a Bachelor degree in Engineering, Science, or related fields with the knowledge including computer technology and information technology.
  2. a Bachelor degree in Engineering, Science, Business management and other majors with relevant IT professional experience no less than 2 years.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 4 core courses and 4 elective courses. A total of eight courses in 24 credits with a thesis are required for graduation.

1. Core courses (12 credits)

IECM001 Information Systems Development Methodologies* 3 credits
IECM002 Computer Networks and Internet* 3 credits
IECM003 Distributed Database Management* 3 credits
IECM004 Fundamental of E-Commerce 3 credits

2. Electives (12 credits) from two groups

(Electives from group A and group B. Two electives minimum from group A and one or two electives from group B)

Group A: Technology

IECM005 Internet Programming and Java Technology* 3 credits
IECM006 Data Warehousing* 3 credits
IECM007 Data Mining and Decision Support Systems* 3 credits
IECM008 Advanced Computer Graphics and Multimedia* 3 credits
IECM009 Internet Security and Cryptography 3 credits
Any courses defined in MSc. program in Software Engineering* 3 credits for each course

Group B: E-Commerce Management

IECM010 Electronic Payment Systems 3 credits
IECM011 Smart Card Technology and Applications 3 credits
IECM012 Legal Issues of IT and E-Commerce 3 credits
IECM013 Topics in E-Commerce 3 credits

* Courses could be offered by the exiting staffs in Software Engineering Programme at FST.

3. IECM999 Master Thesis

The thesis must either describe some original piece of research that candidates have done, usually under the supervision of a supervisor, or else provide a critical exposition of some topic in the major field of study.

4. Duration

A M.S. degree in FST can usually be completed in 2 to 4 years according to FST general regulation for Master of Science Program.

(The offer of elective courses would be determined according to the availability of academic staff and would be announced before enrollment).